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Locum Finder is an online platform that connects Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians with Pharmacies across New Zealand.  Locum Finder is a 100% FREE gateway to find pharmacy locum shifts in community and hospital pharmacies. Locum Finder offers other tailored pharmacy services; retail training, coaching individuals and Managers, team dynamics workshops, processes review, standard operating procedure development and review among other tailored services.

We are not a recruitment agency, but an online resource designed by pharmacists for pharmacy locums and Pharmacies.

Why Locum Finder

Locum Finder doesn’t replace other platforms but rather augment and strengthen them

Locum Finder is solely dedicated for locum pharmacy services

Locum Finder enables posting locum positions for pharmacy technicians

Locum Finder offers filtering search by location, job type and duration

Locum Finder offers the ability to share posted jobs on various platforms, so you don’t have to keep switching between them

Locum Finder will keep you UpToDate with what’s happening locally, nationally and globally

Locum Finder is 100% free platform that doesn’t mandate paid subscription

Locum Finder offers other pharmacy related tailored-made pharmacy services that you as an individual or a pharmacy might need